Veterinary Specialty Care: Abdominal Surgery

Abdominal Surgery: Liver, Kidneys and Intestines

There are particular types of surgery that specialists perform in the abdomen. Of note is treatment of Extra Hepatic Portosystemic shunts (or Liver Shunts). These are commonly diagnosed in young small breed dogs, Yorkshire Terriers being the most common. We have also treated liver shunts in Schnauzers, Pugs, Scottish Terriers, Lhasa Apso, Shi Tzu and Beagles.  Our preferred treatment is Ameroid Constrictor ring placement.  Dr. Hay has worked with United Yorkshire Terrier Rescue and other rescue groups in treating this problem. In some instances the pets underwent an extensive diagnostic work-up which left their owners drained financially and emotionally and unable or unwilling to have surgery performed.  The decision was made to sign their pet over to a rescue organization. In experienced hands, liver shunt treatment carries a very good prognosis. We can help guide you to the most expeditious way of diagnosing and treating a liver shunt in a dog.  Other abdominal surgries include tumor removal from the liver, Kidneys, intestine or spleen. Bladder or kidney stone removal is also possible.

liver shunt

Above: An Ameroid Constrictor is present placed on a liver shunt. The shunt is the red blood vesel going through the constrictor. The small cylindrical structure in the center of the constrictor is the key that is removed to allow the device to be placed on a blood vessel. Once in place, the key is slid in to the constrictor to lock it in place.

Masses on the spleen are not uncommon especially in older dogs. Sometimes these become very large weighing up to 5 or 10 pounds! If your dog or cat has been diagnosed with a mass involving the spleen, please contact us.

abd. mass

Above: Large mass involving the spleen of a dog.

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