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Veterinary Surgical Specialists
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Office Hours:

  • The office is staffed continuously from 8 am Monday until 5 pm Friday.
  • We are closed on major holidays and Weekends.
  • Appointment scheduling hours are between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.
  • For a quicker response, please call our office rather than use e-mail.

Doctor’s Schedules:

  • Fridays: Dr. Hay and Dr. Thomas rotate Fridays. Friday is generally a day for discharge of post-surgical pets. The Doctors may also schedule Friday AM appointments at their discretion.


All patients must have an appointment to be seen or admitted into the hospital. Appointment options available are:

  • Consultation with either Dr. Hay or Dr. Thomas (required for all new patients and for some rechecks)
  • Drop-off for Dr. Exam and any necessary work-up or surgery (allowed for returning patients, rescue groups or if permitted by Dr. Hay or Dr. Thomas)
  • Drop-off for recheck. For example: dogs or cats that may require sedation for a procedure or to accomodate a pet-owners schedule (request can be made by pet owner or recommended by Dr. Hay or Dr Thomas)

Helpful tips to prepare for your Appointment:

  • It is helpful, but not essential for you to have access to copies of any radiograph images that have been done as well as any recent blood work, commonly referred to as a “chemistry panel” and/or CBC.
  • Please fast your pet in-case sedation is needed for further work-up.
  • Click here if you need to access any of our Pre-Surgery forms

Re-check Appointments

If we have performed surgery on your pet, in all likelihood there will be 1-3 recheck appointments that you need to schedule when your pet is discharged. These will be noted on our “Discharge Instruction Sheet”. Suture removal may be one of the appointments and is generally done 10-12 days after surgery.

The procedure will take 10-15 minutes in most cases. However, there may be some instances where sedation may be needed and this will be noted on the discharge sheet. Sedation-suture removal may take 1-3 hrs to complete at the hospital.  Another type of recheck is an “Exam recheck”, this is generally done by the Doctor and 15 minutes is scheduled for this appointment. We advise arriving 5-10 minutes early for this type of appointment as we do not allot extra time for it. If you arrive 10 minutes into the appointment, there may only be 5 minutes available.  The most common type of recheck is an “X-ray recheck”, generally done at 8 weeks after an orthopedic surgery where pins, plates or screws were used.

In many instances, we can complete the X-ray without sedation; however, we ask that you plan on the possibility of sedation being necessary. This means: fast your pet after midnight, water is OK in the AM.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated if we inform you that we believe sedation is necessary. When we make this recommendation, it is with the safety of your pet in mind.

If you believe that a recheck appointment will conflict with your work schedule we can accommodate a drop-off for your pet so that they can spend part or all of the day here. Just ask the receptionist to set this up.

An important message from Dr. Hay about weekend hours and getting the most out of our service:

“If your pet has a broken leg, cannot walk on both hind legs due to a slipped disk or requires surgery in the abdomen or chest within 1-2 days, please bear in mind that we generally do not accept patient transfers for surgery after Thursday.

We highly recommend contacting us earlier in the week (Mon, Tue or Weds), if the goal is to achieve surgery sooner rather than later. Our surgery schedule fills up quickly and if we are given advanced notice, it is much more likely that we will be able to accommodate a patient transfer.

We are here to help you and our goal is to have your pet home by the weekend for his/her best recovery and save you the expense of having to pay for weekend care.”

Veterinary Surgical Specialists
7512 Paula Drive Tampa, FL 33615
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