What to expect while your pet is in the hospital for surgery

A sedative/pain medication is administered about 1 hour prior to surgery.  Any additional blood testing or radiographs will be completed at that time. Our practice has the ability to perform in-hospital testing as well as to send samples to a veterinary laboratory in Tampa.

An intravenous catheter will be placed for delivery of anesthetic, fluids, and pain medication. Once your pet is ready for surgery, an intravenous anesthetic will be given and an endotracheal tube will be placed to protect your pet’s airway and administer gas anesthetic.

During your pet’s surgical procedure a team of 3 is involved in your pet’s care: the doctor and two technicians. One technician is monitoring and recording your pet’s vital signs and the other is assisting the doctor.  Medical devices are used to measure heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and carbon dioxide levels. A technician is monitoring at all times during recovery.

The surgeon will make every effort to call you after the procedure to give you an update. Sometimes the surgeon has to attend to another patient and there may be a short delay. We will make every effort to have someone call you as soon as surgery is completed.  If for some reason you have not received a phone call by 6:30 pm please call the office at (813) 901-5100.

Your pet will stay in our hospital at least one night with our overnight technician monitoring and administering medications.  We generally use a controlled IV pain medication protocol for all patients to keep them as pain free as possible. It’s our policy to update every pet owner via phone in the morning between 9:30 – 10:30. If the doctor feels your pet can go home we will discuss a discharge time for later in the day.

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