Welcome to Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tampa Bay, Florida.

We offer a wide range of procedures performed at a level of expertise expected from doctors who have undergone a structured postdoctoral training program in small animal surgery.

Our practice is fully equipped and staffed to perform a wide range of surgical procedures in dogs and cats, from the common to the complex including:

Chest (thoracic) Surgery




Diagnostic testing

Other procedures as needed

Please call us for advice on any surgical procedure that can be performed on a dog or cat. There are many other procedures that Veterinary Surgical Specialists can perform that are not specifically listed here. We have made it our passion to determine the best course of action by evaluating each patient individually. Sometimes surgery is not the best option and sometimes it may be needed later. We aim to give you an accurate representation of what the best recovery may be as well as to help you learn what you can do to achieve the best result for your four-legged companion.



Callum Hay, BVMS, Diplomate ACVS
Leslie Thomas, DVM, Diplomate ACVS
Orthopedic, Soft Tissue and Neurosurgery

Veterinary Surgical Specialists
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